About /// Mike Roberts

and that’s pretty much how you will see me most of the day

I’ve pretty much been capturing images all my life – starting to take photography seriously at High School and then study it at College before eventually getting a job in….Video Production!

My job was news gathering for television companies such as Sky Sports, BBC, Yorkshire TV etc and that gave me vital skills in capturing any live event has it happens without having to set up shots or re-take them and getting in the way of the action. 

Eventually, after 10 years in TV fancying a change of scenery I ended up in the wonderful world of weddings, and love every day of it. I feel very lucky to share so many special moments with my customers.

Have a good old nosey at some of our short style films on our samples page (if you love them just imagine how it will be when it’s you in them!!!), you can also nip over and have a read of some feedback and the latest news on our FACEBOOK page.

If you like what you see and you want to book don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Mike 01925 292406  ///  info@mikerobertsfilms.co.uk

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